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Watercoolers on the web, VMware extends autonomous workspace technology

VMware Anywhere Workspace is expanding. Adrian Bridgwater explores what that means from VMworld Explore 2023 USA in Las Vegas

Will we still need the office watercooler when workspace autonomy expands? Free image: Wiki.

Work changed. Yes there was a pandemic and we all moved to embrace virtual remote working technologies (spoiler alert: some of us were doing that already) and started to worry about what our Zoom (other video collaboration technologies are also available) cameras were showing on the shelves behind us.

But work has changed more fundamentally than a few homeworkers logging in to the corporate server. Mobile device performance along with near-ubiquitous cloud connectivity have helped cement the development and deployment of virtual desktop infrastruture technologies. All of which has given rise to new streamlined hybrid workflow streams with machines also taking on some elements of human roles. This is the era of autonomous workspace technology...

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