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The Stack's Job of the Week: Director of Engineering, Security, Monzo Bank

Digital bank Monzo, which has over five million customers, is looking for a "passionate, experienced Engineering Director to lead security engineering." We're making the role The Stack's latest "Job of the Week".

Monzo says the successful applicant will "partner closely with its CISO to "define and deliver a security strategy that protects Monzo’s customers and staff across the full spectrum of systems, hardware and product surfaces at the bank" -- the bank says it can pay up to £200,000 for the right person.

Monzo says it can support "those who wish to be based from our London office, or work remotely from the UK or within certain European countries. We are also able to sponsor visas."

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Applicants can likely expect long hours and the stress that comes with a critical function in a heavily regulated sector operating in a hostile cybersecurity climate. For those with the ambition and strategic chops, Monzo's engineering-centric culture, public visibility and focus on improving security while building a diverse team may look like a very attractive opportunity indeed. They will be leading ~30 engineers and managers.

Monzo wants some who has:

  • Effectively hired and structured multiple diverse engineering teams.
  • Managed, developed and grown high performing engineering managers

Monzo wants a "recognised expert in one or more security domains" with "leadership skills to lead, nurture and grow an engineering security organisation to deliver on strategic and business objectives."

"You identify fundamental security problems at Monzo and drive major security improvements. The role encompasses security of our platform infrastructure used by every engineer, the security of our physical compute and storage infrastructure that enables connectivity into the international monetary systems as well as identity management, threat detection, all the way to our customer security within the Monzo product itself."

The bank has previously published a number of blogs on its approach to security, including this piece on how it manages root certificates. (Something that involves an air-gapped laptop with the hard drive stripped out, CD-R disks holding an OS called the Ceremony Operating ENvironment and a room full of cameras...)

More details on the role are available here here.

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