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Merck says it's releasing a new AI-powered SaaS - trained on proprietary data

CTO says new platform "enables any laboratory to count on generative AI to identify the most suitable drug-like candidates in a vast chemical space."

Pharmaceutical multinational Merck has launched a SaaS that uses AI to speed up drug development – making it available to customers via API.

The cloud-native SaaS, dubbed AIDDISON, identifies compounds from “over 60 billion possibilities that have key properties of a successful drug, such as non-toxicity, solubility, and stability in the body” Merck said.

“The platform then proposes ways to best synthesize these drugs.”

The release comes as a growing number of pharmaceutical companies release tools designed to leverage technology for drug discovery.

In late 2020 AstraZeneca for example open-sourced a “production-ready” machine learning tool called REINVENT for drug discovery projects on GitHub under a highly permissive Apache 2.0 open-source licence.

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