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Gearing up for 2021 at The Stack: Here's what's coming

Leading CIOs interviewed; deep dives on emerging technology; purpose and compute...

Wishing all of our readers a fantastic Christmas. We're taking a short break and will be back after Boxing Day.

Don't go away though! Coming soon The Stack:

An engagingly frank interview with the global CIO of a major multinational bank about their huge change management and cloud migration effort; a snappy conversation with a CIO turned CEO at a rapidly growing software company about their pending IPO and strategy; a close look at the demise of the VPN and what it means to you; much more.

We’ll also be taking deep dive into efforts to put the open source ethic (and some powerful compute) to work assessing climate risk for major investors, in a sprawling, ambitious project quietly being backed by some of the titans of the tech and finance world. There'll be much more business technology news as well. Stay tuned.


A major focus for us at The Stack going into 2021 will be how technology is being used for social and environmental good – from protecting biodiversity to financial inclusion. Expect to hear a lot more about that -- far beyond the mood music of blue chip PR campaigns.

Many organisations doing hugely important work have barely begun to scratch the surface of powerful tools that are widely available – often because they seem daunting or out of reach. Others are pioneering the way – but struggling to get the message out, perhaps because those projects are happening in Indonesia or Colombia.

We’ll be aiming to reach them too.

Democratising the ability to use the cloud, data analytics, IoT sensors; to ensure organisations are safe from cyber predators should be a focus of all of us. And while -- amid macroeconomic headwinds and a tough business climate -- the bottom line has never been more important, purpose is also increasingly paramount: without it, organisations struggle to secure the best people, stay relevant, and thrive amid today's challenges.

We aim to help with that process.

As Allianz CDO Sudaman Mohanchandralal put it in a kind post on LinkedIn -- "Sites such as “The Stack” are a revolution… [in that] they accelerate the democratisation process of technology within business.

As ever, we would love to hear from our readers -- whether you want to showcase your knowledge and experience handling technology-driven transformation (from the tech side to the cultural, organisational, and skills shifts, or to ask us and a community of IT practioners and leaders tough (or obvious questions) that could help your organisation.

Want to be in touch, or support our efforts?

Contact us here to learn how you can be involved.

Many thanks, Ed Targett, Founder, The Stack