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Broadcom didn’t need to reinvent the mainframe – it just needed to buy VMware

Revirtualization is possible. But it’s going to hurt

broadcom vmware strategy

Many large enterprises and large organizations still have a mainframe at their heart, restricting their ability to innovate and locking them into their suppliers.

Now, what would happen if hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide were strapped into a similar technological straitjacket?

That could just be what Broadcom has pulled off with its acquisition of VMware.

The deal finally closed at the end of last year, but nervous tech leaders had already woken up to just how beholden to Broadcom they now are, and just how few alternatives they really have.

In the latest of a string of changes, this week the company notified Cloud Services Providers (CSPs) that their programme will terminated at the end of April, saying, The Register reports, that "effective April 30, 2024, the ability to transact as a VMware Cloud Services Provider, under the VMware Partner Connect Program, will come to an end. However, we want to emphasize that you may have the opportunity to join the Broadcom Expert Advantage Partner Program. This invite-only program has simpler requirements and offers expanded benefits, and we will begin inviting partners to join in early 2024."

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