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Broadcom to close VMware buyout this week. Nervous? Consider this...

"There is a lot of anxiety about the Broadcom-VMware acquisition around pricing, support and other issues"

broadcom closing vmware vmware alternatives

Broadcom will close its $69 billion purchase of VMware on November 22 – with the landmark acquisition having cleared all final regulatory hurdles,

That’s according to semiconductor and infrastructure heavyweight Broadcom on November 21 – clearing its path to an acquisition that has left many customers unsettled and awaiting detail on Broadcom’s plans.

The deal comes despite competition watchdog’s like the UK’s CMA earlier warning that Broadcom’s VMware acquisition could “undermine the ability of rival hardware providers to work effectively with the software virtualisation company’s products – and potentially give it access to the commercially sensitive intellectual property of Broadcom’s competitors.”

(A subsequent review by an independent panel determined in August 2023 that, in fact, “the potential financial benefit to Broadcom and VMware of making rival products work less well with VMware’s software would not outweigh the potential financial cost in terms of lost business.”)

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