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Check Point has launched a new integrated global services offering, as the cybersecurity company continues to tighten up its portfolio -- which is built around four pillars: “Quantum” for network security, “Harmony” for end-user devices, “CloudGuard” for cloud security and “Horizon” for SOC and security management.

Check Point, whose CEO Gil Shwed patented stateful inspection back in the 1990s and which grew up with a focus on network security and traditional firewalls, has expanded into a $2.3 billion-by-annual revenue (2022) powerhouse with a multifaceted product suite, but still remains best known for network security.

Whilst the company has retained an impressive focus on consistent profitability and careful growth since its foundation, investors have been ramping up pressure on the company to improve go-to-market. Last month an executive refresh saw Nataly Kremer join the company from AT&T as Chief Product Officer and Head of R&D, Dr Dorit Dor promoted to CTO, and Chief Commercial Officer Rupal Hollenbeck promoted to President.

Its new Infinity Global Services will provide thirty proactive services including incident response across four main pillars it said, announcing the expanded services offering at its CPX 360 event in Munich – organised in a breakneck fortnight after plans for an event in London faced potential disruption from planned rail strikes.

The services will span these four areas, Check Point said:

Assess: “Strengthens an organization’s team expertise from security practitioner to CISO. Includes cyber and IoT risk assessments, hybrid cloud security blueprints and Zero Trust best practices.”

Optimize: “Support for baking threat prevention into cyber defenses with SOC as a Service, Cyber Resilience as a Service, security development and optimization and managed cloud CSPM.”

Master: “Optimizes an organization’s security and extends its team’s capabilities offering cloud security bootcamps, CISO training, cyber knowledge programs and workforce development.”

Respond: “Increases response readiness with services… to enhance incident response planning with compromise assessments, Penetration testing, managed detection and response and tabletop exercises.”

The Infinity Global Services offering will be available from this summer via its partner ecosystem.

Look out for an in-depth interview with Check Point Founder and CEO Gil Shwed in The Stack this coming Monday, covering product security, supply chains and founder tips, including how he grew the company from scratch to a $2 billion+ company, turning a profit every year of that journey since its founding.

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