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CISO: Unplugged -- Join The Stack and Friends at a dinner, June 28

From resilience engineering to resilient teams, get behind the scenes of today's security priorities

At an exclusive dinner hosted by The Stack and sponsored by Element, join leading CISOs Mario Platt and Gaynor Rich and CISO placement specialist Owanate Bestman to discuss current core CISO and security challenges -- from resilience engineering, to building resilient teams in a time of rampant burnout.

At The Stack we do our dinners a little differently: resolutely informal and analogue, expect frank conversation under Chatham House rule and world-class networking in an intimate setting among a peer network of CIOs, CTOs, CISOs and other technology leaders (and we use the word carefully, knowing how widely it is abused.)

Our evening will begin with relaxed welcome drinks at Somerset House's Pennethorn's from 6pm, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A, then a dinner with a presentation by the founders of the Matrix Protocol, Matthew Hodgson and Amandine Le Pape, CEO and COO of our sponsor, secure collaboration platform Element.

The Stack has a limited number of free seats remaining. Senior digital leaders interested in joining the evening can email our founder Edward Targett to discuss the event and sign up for invitation to future events.

Meet our panellists

Mario Platt is CISO of Broadlight Solutions. He has 20 years of security experience, with roles spanning penetration testing, operations, engineering and governance, risk management and compliance. Mario is known for his strategic thinking and pragmatic approach to tackling enterprise security.

Gaynor Rich is Group Director (VP) Cybersecurity Compliance & BCM, Deputy CISO, BT. She previously served as Global Director of Cyber Security at Unilever. Gaynor is known for working proactively with cross-functional teams to produce strategic, business-enabling cybersecurity governance.

Owanate Bestman owner of Bestman Solutions. He is dedicated to helping security leaders including numerous FTSE 100 CISOs meet their career and business goals and has a track record of staffing high profile regulatory and commercial driven security and technology risk programmes.

About The Stack

The Stack was founded by former Computer Business Review editor and experienced business journalist Edward Targett in December 2020 as a publishing platform dedicated to sharing insight, intelligence and interviews with business and technology leaders across industry verticals going through digital transformation.

About Element

Element was founded by the team that created the open source Matrix Protocol.  Designed to be a completely new type of collaboration, Element is a decentralised self-sovereign enterprise collaboration platform built on Matrix with Double Ratchet end-to-end encryption by default and full voice and video.

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