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Kubernetes! Machine Learning! DR! Unified Analytics! HPE GreenLake wants it all (on-prem)

Kubernetes-based Apache Spark analytics, on-premises...

HPE has released a raft of new services for its managed infrastructure as-a-service GreenLake offering -- spanning disaster recovery, data science and business intelligence for hybrid environments.

The key release for the company this week was arguably its HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics offering -- a unified data platform heavily underpinned by Kubernetes that lets users run unified real-time and batch analytics on data from a raft of different sources. The aim is to let users handle files, tables, streams, and objects in one consistent platform that can "span from edge to hybrid cloud" to make data engineering easier.

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Of particular interest for some readers may be its ability to optimise on-premise Apache Spark workflows. The platform also includes a wide range of native open-source integrations including workflow management tool Apache Airflow; Databricks' open source ML Flow -- which allows organisations to package their code for reproducible runs and execute hundreds of parallel experiments, across any hardware or software platform -- and Kubeflow, a machine learning toolkit that turns steps in your data science workflow into Kubernetes jobs.

HPE claims the platform could save customers 35% (based on its own analytics, no details given) over the public cloud for "data-intensive, long running jobs typical in mission critical environments" -- and has brought in integrations from 37 partners including Splunk, Confluent, GitLab and Elastic Slack.

HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics

Describing the release as "the first cloud-native solution to bring Kubernetes-based Apache Spark analytics and the simplicity of unified data lakehouses using Delta Lake on-premises [and the] only data fabric to combine S3-native object store, files, streams and databases in one scalable data platform" Ishal Lall, SVP, HPE GreenLake Cloud Services, said: "Our multi-tenant Kubernetes environment supports a compute-storage separation cloud model, providing the combined performance and elasticity required for advanced analytics...

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He added: "Enterprises can create a unified data repository for use by data scientists, developers, and analysts, including usage and sharing controls, creating the foundation for a silo-free digital transformation that scales with the business as it grows, and reaches new data sources."

The HPE GreenLake platform boasts 1,200 customers and $5.2 billion in total contract value. Among its most recent high-profile wins was the US's National Security Agency, which early September 2021 inked a $2 billion, 10-year contract with the company that will see HPE  manage a complete solution built on its ProLiant servers that will be hosted at a QTS data center, a secure hosting facility.

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