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The Stack's Job of the Week: CIO, Colleague Experience, HSBC

HSBC is looking for a Chief Information Officer (CIO) responsible for improving the internal digital experience of the approximately 200,000 staff that use over 800 different “internally facing colleague systems”.

The recruitment effort will be welcomed by the banking multinational’s staff who face a challenging and complex environment in which legacy technology remains prominent despite digital transformation efforts.

The Stack is making the new role our latest Job of the Week.

The incoming HSBC CIO for Colleague Experience will lead a department of approximately 1,200 IT professionals. They will work closely with the CIO, Enterprise Technology as well as Architecture, Data, and Finance leads to “implement colleague facing technology solutions aligned to the Group Technology Strategy.”

They will also no-doubt be encountering strong views on said "colleague experience".

They will need a healthy appetite for tackling bureaucracy, strict compliance requirements and working with myriad stakeholders, or, as HSBC put it of the CIO, Colleague Experience role, require “significant strategic leadership management [experience] in complex environments where cultural transformation is required.”

Applications close December 12. The role can be based in either London or Sheffield.

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The CIO for the newly created role will need to “drive engineering excellence across the organisation and define an industry leading end state architecture aligned to the technology Vision 27 Modern and Simple Architecture; be the advocate for the voice of the colleague; implement, monitor and improve NPS scores for the systems and automated continuously improve the service for our colleagues”, HSCB said.

HSBC did not post a salary band for the role.

HSBC increased technology spending by $900 million in 2021 to $6 billion as it continued digital transformation efforts; it says it now has 27% of workloads running in the cloud. Technology spending also increased a further $300 million in the last reporting period of calendar 2022 alone. The bank – one of the world’s biggest, with £3 trillion in assets under management and serving over 40 million customers in 64 countries – aims to bring technology spending to 21% of opex by 2025, from 19% in 2021. It is working aggressively to shrug off  legacy software as possible — taking $1.3 billion hit in doing so in 2020 and is working with AWS to “drive innovation, automate key processes, and enhance operational efficiency across a range of personal financial services.”

Further details on the HSBC CIO, Colleague Experience role are here.

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