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A Russian spy simply dialled into a sensitive German military call on WebEx - and went unnoticed

"Unfortunately, there are indications that a Russian participant has obviously dialed into the WebEx"

The Taurus KEPD-350 long-range bunker buster cruise missile. Image: Saab

Updated March 5th: Germany's Defence Minister says rather than Russian intelligence joining the call, they were able to eavesdrop as a general dialled in to the WebEx meeting on an enencrypted hotel line.

Russian intelligence eavesdropped on a highly sensitive German military conversation about the potential supply of long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine – then shared the 30 minute conversation with Russia Today.

Acutely embarrassingly for Berlin, the call, between high-ranking air force officials, appears to have been conducted over Cisco’s WebEx software – and German MPs say a Russian spy may simply have dialled in unnoticed.

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